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VTube-LASER Calibration - Leapfrog - MOVE Targets (Set of 3)
VTube-LASER Calibration - Leapfrog - MOVE Targets (Set of 3)
Our Price: $665.00

This conical seat target is useful for calibrating ball probes.

Sold in a set of three, they turn into leapfrog or tube move targets that help VTube-LASER operators measure parts longer than the FARO arm reach using the arm leapfrog or tube move.


  • The targets use a magnetic base to attach to any metalic surface or metal spring clamp.
  • They are good for standard 3 or 6 millimeter FARO probes.
  • The pillar finish is industrial-grade glossy white finish.

Leapfrog the Arm Over the Tube

  • As of version 1.91, VTube can leapfrog the arm over the tube in the middle of any measurement. In order to accurately leapfrog the arm over the tube, it is necessary to pause the regular measurement and measure 3 more more points in space using the ball probe before and after the leap or move. Then, after the leap, the arm measures the same points in the same order.
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VTube-LASER FARO Arm Riser
VTube-LASER FARO Arm Riser
Our Price: $785.00

Risers can make tube measuring easier by lifting the arm off the table.

After testing this riser, we strongly recommend that you consider using a riser like this to give you better clearance when approaching the tube for scanning.

VTube-LASER Tube Clamp
VTube-LASER Tube Clamp
Our Price: $985.00

  • The tube clamp uses a quick clamping system for temporary tube fixturing.

  • From 0.125 inches (3mm) up to 2.5 inches (63mm) diameter tubes (larger sizes are available on request)

  • Heavy and stable base

  • Easy to hold pillar

  • Ball and socket joint

  • Plastic covered T-handle for better handling

  • Quick spin close and open

  • Industrial-grade glossy black finish

  • 12 inch (300mm) overall height

  • Non-slip cork bottom
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